Neighborhood Guide: Meet Me in Malibu

Malibu is one of our favorite parts of Los Angeles. Follow us up Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to learn about some of our favorite ways to spend the day in this beautiful little beach escape.

If you’re coming from LA, we recommend cruising through Santa Monica to get to Malibu. Take the CA incline down to PCH. The breathtaking view makes the traffic bearable.

Photo Courtesy of Adeniz Villar

Between Santa Monica and Malibu is a little beach town that holds a special place in our hearts — Pacific Palisades. Palisades Village is home to our first and only brick-and-mortar store. Stop in to pick up some beach essentials!

After the Palisades, you’ll reach Eastern Malibu. Keep an eye out for the iconic sign “Malibu – 27 miles of scenic beauty.” We recommend stopping at the Malibu Pier and checking out the surfers at Surfrider Beach — or catch a wave yourself! If surfing isn’t your thing, standup paddleboarding or walking along the beach are also great, relaxing activities. 

As you cruise west down PCH, about 7 miles later you’ll hit Paradise Cove. Just past Paradise Cove is one of the most scenic lookout spots in Malibu — Point Dume. This is a must-stop!

PURPOSEfull TOTE - Point Dume {The Little Market}

If you’re lucky, grab a parking spot on Cliffside Dr. and take a walk up the main path for an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and the Malibu coastline. The area is covered with magical mini-trails that will take you down to different beaches, including Big Dume (take the stairs down to your left) or you can wind down to Westward beach. Watching the sunset here is a must!

Photo by Valorie Darling

If you keep traveling west, Westward beach turns into Zuma beach, another local favorite. We recommend packing your go-to beach blanket or towel along with some of your favorite snacks and having a picnic! If you are exploring on a Sunday, definitely stop by the Malibu Farmers Market for some of the best produce in town. Don’t forget to bring your own bag!

Photo Courtesy of Adeniz Villar

You’ll reach the end of Malibu when you’re in Trancas Canyon and see the other “Malibu – 27 miles of scenic beauty” sign on PCH. Whether you are spending the day at the beach, hiking, or exploring the farmers market, we hope you enjoy this special beach town as much as we do. You can shop our collections of PURPOSEfull TOTES inspired by the California Coast online here and here and in store now. Let us know your favorite Malibu spots in the comments below!

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