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KIND - Kids in Need of Defense

As a nonprofit founded by women to empower women, a core part of The Little Market’s mission is to advocate for human rights. We recognize our responsibility to actively educate our audience on human rights and social justice issues around the world.

Earlier this year, we designed the This is About Humanity Candle to raise funds and awareness for families who have been separated at the border. In 2018, for every purchase, our founders donated to Border Angels, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), and Casa Cornelia Law Center. We are proud to support these organizations as they provide the necessary resources to advocate for these families and their human rights. Today, we are shining a light on KIND’s incredible work to support children at the border.

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Founded in 2009 by Angelina Jolie and Microsoft, KIND provides protection for unaccompanied refugee and immigrant children in the United States and their basic human rights. In partnership with a team of more than 335 law firms, corporate legal departments, law schools, and bar associations, KIND ensures that unaccompanied children have access to high-quality legal representation in immigration court.

The majority of these children are escaping violence and abuse, including threats by gangs and exploitation, in their home countries and are looking for safety in the United States. But when they arrive in the United States unaccompanied, they may face deportation proceedings alone. KIND ensures that these children have the representation they need and also helps those children who are returning home.

In addition to effective legal protection, KIND advocates for children’s human rights, raises awareness for these devastating issues, and fights to ensure families are protected.

KIND also strives to give a voice to these heartbreaking stories. Below are a few of these stories.


Great pain in heart_father quote - Kids in Need of Defense

How come they separated us_ - Kids in Need of Defense

Keep fighting for kids_Mother - Kids in Need of Defense

We believe in the power of using our voices to make a difference. We encourage you to share these stories, using #SilencedVoices, and help raise awareness for separated families and this heartbreaking human rights issue. Please join us in supporting KIND and the organization’s incredible work to protect children. All families deserve to be safe and have their basic human rights recognized.

Source and #SilencedVoices Graphics Courtesy of: Kids in Need of Defense

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