Nonprofits We Love: CARE

As a nonprofit founded by women to empower women, a core part of The Little Market’s mission is to advocate for human rights. We recognize our responsibility to actively educate our audience on human rights and social justice issues around the world. Today, we are recognizing the incredible work by nonprofit organization, CARE.

USA-2018-LL-00997-2 - CARE

CARE fights to end poverty by providing the essential tools to those around the world suffering from hunger, violence, and disease. Last year, CARE worked in more than 90 countries and reached 56 million people. 

Education is vital to providing change. CARE focuses on empowering women through education in order to end poverty. Around the world, women and girls are affected the most by poverty. CARE works on improving basic education, increasing access to quality healthcare, and expanding economic opportunity for women. Disaster relief, health, food security, economic development, advocacy, and social justice are other global issues that this nonprofit focuses on.

When you support CARE, they can deliver emergency food to children facing starvation, stock clinics with medical supplies and testing kits for diseases like malaria, prevent the likelihood of stunting in a child’s first 1,000 days of life, and invest in long-term solutions to support families and communities.  

We recently partnered with CARE for their annual gala and shared our PURPOSEfull TOTES made by female artisans in Bangladesh.

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