Nonprofit Spotlight: GO Campaign

GO Campaign Image - Peru_group-photo-1Photo Courtesy of GO Campaign

As a nonprofit founded by women to empower women, a core part of The Little Market’s mission is to advocate for human rights. We recognize our responsibility to actively educate our audience on human rights and social justice issues around the world. Today, we are recognizing the incredible work by the amazing nonprofit organization, GO Campaign.

The GO Campaign is a non-profit organization that strives to give children around the world the opportunities they deserve. Through a number of different ways, GO Campaign collaborates with local heroes to improve the lives of children. By identifying “Local Heroes”, GO Campaign partners with grassroots organizations to provide children and young adults with basic and necessary services. These services range anywhere from shelter, food, clean water, education, medical care, vocational training, and income-generating activities.

When donating to the GO Campaign, you can choose which project to give to and continuously follow up with the project as it progresses. Small grants are given to these grassroots organizations for the fight against poverty. With a total investment of $7,138,299 towards projects worldwide, 126,422 orphans and vulnerable children have been positively impacted by the GO Campaign.

Join the GO Campaign in the fight against poverty by getting involved with this wonderful organization. You can get take action with the GO Campaign by visiting their website to donate, become a local hero yourself, or sign up for a volunteering project.

We admire the work that so many nonprofits and social enterprises do around the world. To read about other unique organizations, learn about KIND here and the just keep livin foundation here. Stay tuned on Cultural Exchange as we spotlight other charitable organizations we love! 

GO Campaign

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