Office Open Mic: Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re having trouble picking a gift for your mom, your mom friends, or the unofficial mother figures in your life, don’t stress! We know, you always ask mom for advice, but what do you do when you need advice on her gift? We asked our team to give us a run down of their favorite gifts. Check out this Mother’s Day gift guide brought to you by The Little Market mamas.

I Love You Personalized Candle - The Little Market

Great for Gifting

“Always candles! Laguna Beach is my fave. I have them burning all day long. It keeps the room smelling fresh, even if there’s a stinky baby.”

“An aromatic candle can do wonders to transform the smells of a home with small children (and a dog).”

Baby Serape - The Little Market

Mama Must-Haves

“Always have a serape in the car; you never know when you’ll have an impromptu picnic or play date in the park or at the beach.”

Knitting Baskets- The Little Market

Nursery Necessities

“The hampers and baskets are really great for throwing toys in and hiding clutter.”

Petite Palm Shopper - The Little Market

Family Favorites

“My daughter has fun carrying her toys around in the petite palm shopper. I’m lucky because even though she loves to take all of her little “treasures” out and spread them all over the floor, she equally loves the task of cleaning them up and putting them back in the bag.”

Alpaca Stuffed Animal - The Little Market

“Now that my daughter has a four-month-old baby brother, the concept of family is big on her mind, so she always is making sure the baby penguin is with the daddy penguin.”

Glassware - The Little Market

Wishlist Worthy

“I find that some sparkling water with a lemon wedge in a stemless wine glass is the perfect, refreshing beverage at the end of the day. Plus it fills me with joy every time I use these items, knowing that I’m helping to support the incredible artisans.”

What a Mom Really Wants

“I’d love some time outdoors, with no plans, no timeline, and no electronic devices.”

“Being outdoors, at a park or at the beach, with my kids, with no itinerary or distractions, is one of my favorite things in life. Just being present, enjoying the moment, and not worrying about what comes next!”

“8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and a day of binge watching shows on Netflix or reading a book.”

Mother's Day Gift Guide - The Little Market

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