Postcards from: Thailand

Marquet {The Little Market}

Lauren and Hannah traveled together to Thailand this past May to meet with artisans for The Little Market. During Lauren and Hannah’s travels, they visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui.

Lauren and Hannah in Thailand {The Little Market}In Bangkok, Lauren and Hannah loved visiting beautiful flower markets, trying fresh coconuts, seeing the amazing Temple of the Reclining Buddha with hand-painted walls, taking a boat ride down the Thonburi canals, seeing a seafood market and floating markets, and, of course, visiting local markets. Our co-founders find a lot of their inspiration in the local markets where they have found many of the handmade goods we carry at The Little Market.

GAIA Bag in Thailand {The Little Market}After Bangkok, Lauren and Hannah visited the beautiful Chiang Mai. One of their favorite parts of the trip was seeing elephants at the Elephant Nature Park, an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center.

Lauren and Hannah with Artisans in Thailand {The Little Market}

They also made a visit to an artisan studio where artisans have been practicing traditional indigo dyeing techniques, and our founders saw how hot wax is used to make batik textiles. One of Lauren and Hannah’s first trips together was to Bali, where they also learned about batik, so they loved seeing it again in person. At the end of the trip, they visited Koh Samui, an amazing tropical island.

Marquet, an artisan partner from Thailand, makes our elegant stone and crystal bracelets.

Marquet in Thailand {The Little Market}

Our co-founders took along handbags made by one of our U.S.-based partners, GAIA

Pom Pom Bag in Thailand {The Little Market}

Lauren and Hannah were so thankful for a wonderful trip to Thailand to meet with artisan partners. They’re looking forward to their next visit to the beautiful country!

Have you visited Thailand or have a trip you’re planning? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos by Valorie Darling and Yoni Goldberg

Shop This Collection {The Little Market}

Marquet Bracelets {The Little Market}

Marquet Bracelets 2 {The Little Market}

Stone + Crystal Wrap Bracelet – Earth, $42
Stone + Crystal Bracelet – Sky, $18
Stone + Crystal Wrap Bracelet – Moon, $54
Stone + Crystal Wrap Bracelet – Wind, $54

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