Recipe for Success: Lady & Larder

Meet Lady & Larder, a brother-and-sister trio of cheese and meat board experts and our latest Instagram obsession. If you’re wondering how they do it, you’re not alone! We asked co-founder Sarah Simms Hendrix to stop by our studio to show off her charcuterie skills and share her recipe for success!

Can you tell us a little about Lady & Larder?
Lady & Larder was created together with my twin sister and little brother. We were born and raised in the hospitality industry and this has given us a profound respect and sense of gratitude for the process of growing, preparing, and cooking food for people we love. We grew up with the notion, and still maintain, that the dinner table is a sacred place and the only thing bigger than our love of food is our love of sharing it with others.

At Lady & Larder, we use the very best American-made cheese and cured meats, along with a selection of seasonal and locally made accoutrements. Our goal is simple: Use the best stuff we can get our hands on. We have found that the finest ingredients come from small-batch producers and we, like you, know there are no substitutes for quality.

If you had to give us a crash course, what would your top at-home styling tips be?

You can’t make incredible food without incredible ingredients. Be picky when you source produce — details are everything. We find that usually it’s the imperfect produce that yields the most personality in our work. The radish that’s a different shade of pink than the rest. The celery that’s overly bushy at the top. The wonky-shaped beets. The squatty-looking carrots. You get the idea. 🙂

What advice can you give to women wanting to start their own business?

Go for it! Take the jump!

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