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At The Little Market, we are proud to celebrate cultural diversity. Our community of supporters, including customers, readers, our team, and the artisan groups and social enterprises we work with, are from all over the world. We value inclusivity, and we currently work with more than 65 artisan groups in 28 countries. On this blog, Cultural Exchange, we love to explore different cultural traditions and holidays recognized across the globe. Today, we focus on Holi.

As winter comes to an end today, people will come together to celebrate the arrival of spring. Holi is an ancient spring festival celebrated in India, Nepal, and around the world. It is commonly known for its colorfulness and the exchange of love. A primary component of the festival is the victory of good over evil.

The Little Market x India Visit {Yoni Goldberg - The Little Market}Photo by Yoni Goldberg for The Little Market

This festival is celebrated on the last full moon day of the Hindu lunar calendar month. With origins dating back to various mythological roots, this includes a celebration of the eternal love of Radha and the Lord Krishna to teach the meaning of forgetting old grievances. On the day before Holi, Holika Dahan, many will light a large bonfire to burn out evil spirits. It is important not to burn a bonfire before the sunset because it is believed to bring misfortune in life.

On the day of Holi is when there is a play of colors that is commonly practiced on a global scale. It is known as the Festival of Colors or Rangwali Holi, and people toss all different colors of powders, from yellow and orange to blue and green to red and purple, at one another. There is also music and traditional Holi food, such as homemade sweets and curries, and everyone shares a day of joy and happiness.

What makes Holi special is that there is a variety of ways people celebrate. Throughout India, Holi has traditions based on the regions of the country. There are nine different names and stories to define what Holi signifies to the diverse culture of India.

To those of you celebrating, we wish you a very Happy Holi!

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