Recognizing Human Rights Day


On Dec. 10, we commemorate the United Nations’ Human Rights Day. The Little Market is an organization founded on the fundamental belief that human rights are the pillar of a just society. We believe that everyone, regardless of their identity or geographical location, deserves dignity, respect, and access to the right tools to thrive. 

Human Rights Day is observed annually on Dec. 10 to commemorate the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. The UDHR unequivocally declared “inalienable rights for every human being — regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.”1 

The global pandemic presented a myriad of public health, social, and economic challenges. The crisis has deepened inequalities and highlighted the systematic nature of inequity in access to proper healthcare, nutrition, and education. In response to those challenges, this year the theme for Human Rights Day is “Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights.” The observance and subsequent initiatives will center Human Rights in COVID-19 recovery efforts. 

At The Little Market, we are committed to supporting dignified income opportunities for artisans and producers of diverse identities. This year, we celebrate the important milestone of one million hours of dignified work for under-resourced communities around the world. That is, one million hours that people of diverse abilities, refugees and internationally displaced peoples, indigenous communities, racial and ethnic minorities, women who are transitioning out of homelessness, rural communities, and other chronically under-resourced groups have had access to safe, healthy working environments and a fair livable wage. Supporting these income and skill development opportunities is more critical now than ever. The pandemic has deepened disparities and inequalities and resulted in an uptick in human rights violations.2

Human Rights Day | The Little Market Speaker Series

We have slated a special week-long program to discuss key Human Rights issues. Please join us for powerful conversations with leaders in the field:


Liesl Gerntholtz, Program Advisor at The Little Market

Liesl Gerntholtz is a program advisor at The Little Market. She worked for Human Rights Watch for twelve years, first as the Director of the Women’s Rights Division and then as the Interim Programme Director. Before that, she worked in her native South Africa on the human rights of people living with HIV and women affected by gender-based violence. She also worked for the first post-apartheid Human Rights Commission. 


Available on IGTV Monday, December 7th at 4pm PT

Elin Martínez, Senior Researcher, Children’s Rights Division

Elin Martínez is a Senior Researcher in the Children’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch, where she focuses on the right to education. At Human Rights Watch, Martínez has conducted research and national and global advocacy on barriers to inclusive primary and secondary education and the right to education in emergencies in Jordan, Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania. 

Live on Instagram Tuesday, December 8th at 10am PT

Grace Meng, Senior Researcher, U.S. Program 

Grace Meng is a human rights researcher, advocate, and writer. As a senior researcher in the U.S. Program at Human Rights Watch, she focuses primarily on the rights of immigrants in the United States. She is also an Activist committee member on The Little Market’s Council.

Wednesday, December 9th  

More details coming soon!

Available on IGTV Thursday, December 10th at 11am PT

Dreisen Heath, Assistant Researcher, U.S. Program

Dreisen Heath is an assistant researcher focusing on criminal legal advocacy and racial justice issues in the United States Program at Human Rights Watch. 

Friday, December 11th 

More details coming soon!

Please stay tuned to our Instagram @thelittlemarket for more information. 

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