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Hand-stitched-Kantha-Quilts-The-Little-MarketPhoto by Alandra Chavarria

These days, vintage stores and thrift shops are all the rage! Here’s an easy shopping guide that will help you save time while shopping. Know that with every purchase, you are giving back to artisans around the world!

Kantha Quilts {The Little Market}jpgPhoto by Alandra Chavarria


These kanthas are hand-stitched and made from vintage textiles, and each purchase supports survivors of sex trafficking or domestic violence. Choose the perfect pattern for your décor.

LC x Office Closet {The Home Edit}Photo by The Home Edit

Gift Boxes

Give a gift or use these boxes as an eco-friendly storage solution. Our favorite part is the material: recycled cotton T-shirts! Take note from our co-founder Lauren Conrad and use them to decorate your home office!

Bikini Bags {Valorie Darling - The Little Market}Photo by Valorie Darling

Huipil Bags

A bag for every occasion! Store bathing suits, keys, wallets, and more in a bag handmade from traditional Guatemalan blouses. No two are alike, so pick one to match your personality.

Pom Pom Bag {Valorie Darling - The Little Market}Photo by Valorie Darling


Made in the USA. GAIA bags and accessories are hand-woven by refugee women in Dallas, Texas. The recycled textiles are sourced from Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, and Thailand to create a unique look. If you love color, these are for you!

If you’re shopping for vintage vibes because they’re eco-friendly, look at our environmentally conscious collection here!

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