Resolutions that Make a Difference

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Start the new year off with some kindness. Be determined to make a difference this year with your resolutions!

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Here are a few of our 2018 goals:

  • Use reusable grocery bags: This one not only saves money, but is a simple swap to make to be more eco-friendly.
  • Buy ethically sourced clothing: Buy from thrift stores, vintage goods, or read reviews on how your items are made at Project Just.
  • Recycle: Buy a recycle bin so you don’t forget! All that’s left to do is toss items in.
  • Shop local: Support businesses in your community and visit a nearby farmers market for groceries.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products: This move is good for the environment and your health!
  • Find a new cause to support: Support a charity financially or volunteer your time. Here are some ideas!

These little moves can make waves!

Need help staying organized to keep these goals?

Mudcloth Print Journals {The Little Market}Photo by Alandra Chavarria

Use this journal to track your progress.

Shopping Bag - Local {The Little Market}

Take one of our reusable bags with you to the market.

Silver Open Weave Trash Bin {The Little Market}

Toss recyclables in this woven bin.

What are your 2018 resolutions?


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