The Inspiration Behind This Is About Humanity

Our co-founder Hannah Skvarla recently went on a trip to the border with a group of other women to learn more about the families that have been separated. This trip inspired Hannah to join friends in supporting the campaign, This is About Humanity.

Photo Courtesy of @thisisabouthumanity

We designed a candle and bag to raise awareness and funds for the families who have been separated. As of October 16, 2018, 245 children were still being detained, according to government data analyzed by the American Civil Liberties Union. An Amnesty International report showed that more than 6,000 people, including nearly 3,000 children, were separated from family members from late spring to the middle of August of 2018. We believe that this is not a political issue, but a human rights issue. Mark Lane, an activist from San Diego, said it best,


Photo Courtesy of @thisisabouthumanity

For every purchase of the candle and bag, our founders will donate half of the purchase, respectively, to the Minority Humanitarian Foundation, which supports the needs of migrants, immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who are affected by violence, poverty, and instability in their home countries. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advocates for human rights and safety while supporting housing, medical care, and on-the-ground relief efforts for migrants and children.



We’ve also had the opportunity to work with three incredible charities: Border Angels, Kids in Need of Defense, and Casa Cornelia Law CenterBorder Angels is a nonprofit organization advocating for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice. Kids in Need of Defense supports migrant children and ensures that they are represented in court by high quality representatives. Casa Cornelia Law Center ensures free legal representation for individuals and families without sufficient financial resource to hire an attorney, including immigrant children looking for a safe haven in the United States. These organizations support legal services, policies, advocacy, and education for migrants and children.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a primary goal within our mission at The Little Market is to raise awareness about fair trade principles and human rights. We prioritize working with diverse communities and marginalized populations from around the world; we currently work with nearly 70 artisan groups in 28 countries. We are proud to work with This is About Humanity. With your support, we have raised almost $30,000 as of February 2019. 

To learn more, follow @thisisabouthumanity on Instagram for updates. Thank you for your support of human rights and for joining us to raise awareness!


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