Top Entertaining Tips from Sarah of Lady & Larder


Sarah Simms Hendrix co-founded Lady & Larder with her twin sister and little brother. The trio grew up in the hospitality industry. They love the process of growing, preparing, and cooking food for loved ones. Lady & Larder uses the very best American-made cheese and cured meats, along with a selection of seasonal and locally made accoutrements.  

Today we asked our friend Sarah to share some of her top entertaining tips with us! Read below to hear about the many lessons Sarah has learned from entertaining over the years as well as where she finds inspiration.

What are your favorite hosting traditions?

We love to have family and friends over on Sundays for late afternoon BBQs and lawn games — we keep it very casual, whoever can make it comes, and we usually write the menu as we shop the farmers market that morning. Sunday nights together always recharge our hearts and souls before the start of a new week.

What do you think is essential for any gathering?

A vibey playlist and people you love

How do you decide what to serve at different events?

I always keep things 100 percent seasonal and usually family-style. My favorite part of events is watching people connect while passing plates to each other, serving each other, and reaching over one another.

How many events have you catered?  

Too many to count 🙂

What is the key to a great event?

A good plan. Also, it’s always a good idea to keep a extra case of wine and an extra bag of ice on hand.

What are your top entertaining tips?



Any entertaining mistakes you see people make?

Over-planning and over-complicating. There is nothing worse than a tense or stressed-out host because they tried to do too much. Also, cell phone use. Trust me, just put your cell in a drawer or purse and forget about it for a couple of hours.

Where do you find food inspiration? Do you have any go-to food blogs?

My biggest source of inspiration is the farmers market and going out to dinner. Aside from that, I read a lot of cookbooks — more so than blogs. Currently on my nightstand: “The River Cafe : Thirty Years of Recipes” Cookbook, “Dining In” by Alison Roman and “Prune” by Gabrielle Hamilton.

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