Travel Diary: Marisa Vitale’s Family Road Trip

We recently caught up with our friend Marisa Vitale, who has beautifully captured many of our products on camera as an amazing photographer! Read below to hear about her summer family road trip and her tips for traveling with little ones. 

Photo by Marisa Vitale

We were so excited to hear about your Colorado road trip! What were your favorite places to visit?

Mesa Verde National Park. The ancient Puebloan ruins set in cliffs that you can actually go inside and tour. My kids thought this was the coolest ever! Also, Salida area and all the easy river play, so fun with kids! … Rocky Mountains way up high in the wind and snow after coming from 100°F in Fort Collins was also pretty amazing. The image of my kids’ hair blowing in the wind with a mind-blowing view of the Rockies (is one) I will always hold in my mind.

Photo Courtesy of Marisa Vitale

What are your tips for road trips and traveling with kids?  

Audiobooks are essential. We limit our media for our kids so the audiobooks keep their attention while their eyes are on the road taking in all the beauty from the window. We also travel with a basket of books, art supplies, blank paper, etc.

Have them pack a few favorite things as well as packing a few totally new items to keep them entertained. Have a vague itinerary or ability to be flexible so that when things so awry (kids puking, needing extra time out of the car, loving an area more than expected, etc.) you can easily transition and shift. The key to traveling with kids is to be flexible! Lowering your expectations allows for a smoother trip for everyone. Also, always bring trash bags and wipes, both of these come in so handy! (especially on windy roads, we got caught with neither and a puking child, the clean-up left my husband without underwear, just sayin’…)

Photo by Marisa Vitale

How do you capture the best road trip photos?  

Don’t be afraid to pull over! Sometimes the best spots are those you spy driving past. Also, it’s always great to photograph right before sunset to get that oh-so-magic glow.

Marisa Vitale Road Trip {Marisa Vitale Photography}jpgPhoto by Marisa Vitale

What do you carry along with you on a road trip with your family?

I try and pack as light as possible so it’s easy to carry everything in one fell swoop.

The kids have their own suitcases, and I put them in charge of packing their own. They’ll pack clothes and favorite books, stuffed animals, etc.

Don’t feel the need to pack every single thing you might possibly need. However, wipes are always so useful when traveling!

Photo by Marisa Vitale

What is your favorite place to travel to?

Somewhere new

Marisa Vitale Summer Road Trip {Marisa Vitale Photography}Photo by Marisa Vitale

Where do you want to travel next?

Iceland, but I’m scared of the cold.

What do you always travel with?

My phone since it’s also my map, my camera, my organizer

Marisa Vitale Road Trip Photos {Marisa Vitale Photography}Photo by Marisa Vitale

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Traveling and nature

Marisa Vitale 2018 Road Trip {Marisa Vitale Photography}Photo by Marisa Vitale

Thank you, Marisa, for the travel inspo! What are your favorite road trip memories? Let us know in the comments below! 

To get to know Marisa, take a look at interview here and follow her on Instagram: @marisavitalephoto! And to shop her PURPOSEfull TOTE, visit our site!

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