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For 10 years, Tanya Gibbs has been a skin care specialist. After working with several of the top skin care clinics in Los Angeles, California, Tanya opened up her own boutique in Santa Monica. She has gained experience with key skin care technologies and products and has carefully curated procedures for her clients at her boutique. You can visit her website here and follow her on Instagram at @tanyargibbs and @tanyaskincare.

How do you know Hannah and Lauren?

I’ve been lucky to know Hannah for a long time. I first met her through my husband, who is close friends with Hannah’s husband. I immediately bonded with her and knew I wanted to be her friend. She’s such a genuine and beautiful person, and I feel lucky to know her. I’ve met so many great people through Hannah and made wonderful friends, including Lauren. Lauren is incredibly sweet and kind. I consider both girls true friends and inspirations.

What can each of us do to improve our skin care?

First and foremost, get a facial! Your skin will thank you. Getting a good deep cleaning will give you a clean skin palate to work with. Then find products you love to use and make you feel good. It’s important to do your research, figure out what your skin needs, and invest in a good product that you will use diligently. Take the time to find what works best for your skin, and also be patient with products and their results  sometimes your skin needs to adapt to improve. Most importantly, pack on the sunscreen and drink plenty of water!

What is your skin care routine?

In the morning I cleanse my skin once, then apply toner, followed by a vitamin C serum under my sunscreen. When I get home from work later in the day, I double cleanse with a Clarisonic brush to really remove my makeup. I follow this with a toner and a deeply hydrating moisturizer and an eye cream.

This regime might seem excessive, but I really find it simple and effective. I think the most important aspect is to never miss a night without cleansing your face.

Tanya Gibbs' Skin Care {Valorie Darling - The Little Market}Photo by Valorie Darling

What do you love most about what you do?

I’m so lucky to really love what I do! I love helping people and making them feel good about themselves. When women feel good about themselves, good things happen. I love working with clients and learning about their life experiences and connecting with them. It’s great to work with people who want to nurture themselves and their skin. When people come to see me, they are making the essential effort to care for themselves and their skin. I really care about my clients and love helping them.

Which accomplishment in your life so far are you most proud of?

Opening my own business. It was a dream of mine since I started skin care at 17. It feels incredible to have been strong-willed enough to manifest my dream career and workspace. I’m proud to have created an environment that draws in very special people who become clients I admire.

Who is your favorite artist?

Keegan Gibbs

What is you favorite place to travel to?

It continues to change as I travel to new places, but I’m really a sucker for warm weather and beautiful beaches. We recently took a trip to Kauai, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve also grown up going to our family’s summer homes in Montenegro and Croatia, so those trips are always wonderful.

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What do you always travel with?

A pair of sunglasses, numerous hair ties, a good sunscreen, and chapstick.

Who in your life has inspired you?

My husband. He is creative, driven, incredibly kind, and I’m in awe of him daily. He inspires me to work hard, create important things, and to be the best person I can be. I’m so happy to be his partner in life.

What words of wisdom could you provide to others?

It might sound cheesy, but believing in your dreams and knowing they are attainable. I really believe in manifestation, and that everything wonderful in my life I had created by visualizing and believing in the possibilities.

Who are the most important women in your life and why?

All the women I surround myself with are the most important to me. My grandmothers, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and clients. I’m a real girls’ girl and surround myself with amazing women whom I love and respect. I’m so happy to be pregnant with my first baby girl and can’t wait to show her how amazing females are.

Do you have favorite women-led brands?

Yes, many! Here are some amazing friends of mine that I like to brag about…

The Little Market
Katelin Gibbs Jewelry
Lily Ashwell
Sasha Verruno
Love Yoga
Sarah Noel Designs
Mere Studios
How You Glow

And (I) am also crushing on Doen at the moment.

Tanya Gibbs' Skin Care Image 2 {Valorie Darling - The Little Market}Photo by Valorie Darling

What matters most to you when you shop?

Finding something that you love and that serves a purpose. It’s important to find things that you know you’ll cherish and will use for a long time.

What does fair trade mean to you?

To me, fair trade means paying producers in other countries fairly and respectfully for their goods. In doing so, we are hopefully helping to improve living and working conditions for less fortunate communities.

Do you have a favorite blog?

I love Into the Gloss. It’s a perfect mix of beauty and wellness. I also enjoy the profiles of so many cool and interesting women and learning about their beauty routines.

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