What We’re Watching: Moving Documentaries

Feel better about your binge-watching. These docs are worth the watch and educational! We’ve been talking about them around the water cooler and hope you like them too.

1. The Bleeding Edge

Produced by The Little Market’s friend Amy Ziering, this Netflix film dives into the world of medical devices. The whistleblowing film shows how little research and studies are needed to sell medical devices on the market.


Image Courtesy of IMDb

2. Believer

Not only for Imagine Dragon lovers. Follow Dan Reynolds, the band’s lead singer, as he plans a concert and rally in Utah to change Mormon policies regarding LGBTQ members.


Image Courtesy of HBO

3. It Will Be Chaos

Want to learn more about refugee stories? This film follows a Syrian family and an Eritrean man immigrating to Europe and the challenges they face.

Image Courtesy of HBO

4. RBG

Centered around the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this film is inspiring with a lot of woman power. RBG was the second female justice appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court and is known for fighting for gender and women’s rights.


Image Courtesy of IMDb

Just grab popcorn! Let us know your favorite doc in the comments below and others we should watch. 

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