Zodiac Gift Guide: Cancer


The Little Market is happy to share our latest collection of zodiac candles, perfect for friends who are always checking their horoscopes. One for every star sign, there are over 50 fragrances available to choose. All candles are hand-poured at Prosperity Candle, a social enterprise based in the United States that invests in women entrepreneurs to help end poverty. 

Here is The Little Market’s guide for shopping for your Cancer loved ones. (June 21-July 22)


Sympathetic, homebody, loyal, creative, ambitious, caring, nourishing, and resilient


Violet, white, gray, blue, pink, and cream




Citrus and Fruity

The Homebody

Cancers are big homebodies! Cancers will enjoy bundling up with our beautiful and sustainably made striped fringe throw. To complement the throw, add a Tenango embroidered pillow for some charm and comfort. Gift a clear flower glass vase made by artisans using recycled glass in Mexico.


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The Caring Cancer

Cancers are known to have great qualities in being sympathetic, kind, and caring. A perfect gift is one that also gives back.


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Birthday Dinner Party

Cancers love to spend time with their loved ones, especially getting everyone together for a birthday dinner. Give their favorite wine or champagne wrapped in one of our wine reusable bags. Share a set of beautiful margarita glasses, handmade out of recycled glass. Add a pop of blue to the table with our hand-woven serving tray.


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Wrap it Up

Make the gift even more special with gift wrapping! Our gift boxes are handmade from recycled cotton textiles in India.

Tell us in the comments below how you plan on celebrating Cancer season with The Little Market, or show us by tagging us, @thelittlemarket, on Instagram!

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