Addressing Anti-Asian and Anti-Asian American Hate Crimes

We are saddened by the uptick in the racially motivated violence against Asian and Asian American communities. We recognize the long history of exclusion and scapegoating that these communities have endured. The racially charged rhetoric around COVID-19 has perpetuated falsehoods about these communities. We stand in solidarity with Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities both domestically and abroad. 

According to data from the New York Police Department, anti-Asian/anti-Asian American motivated crimes jumped by 1,900 percent in 2020. According to Rep. Grace Meng, between March to May of 2020, there were 2,583 reports of anti-Asian/anti-Asian American incidents throughout 47 states across the country.1

A 2020 U.N. report cited more than 1,800 racially motivated incidents against Asian/Asian Americans in the United States spanning from March to May 2020.2

A 2020 Pew survey found that, since the pandemic began, nearly a third of Asian Americans have been subject to racist slurs. 26% of respondents indicated a fear of being physically attacked.3

Northern California has seen an increase in racially motivated attacks against elderly Asian Americans. One of these attacks ended in the tragic death of 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee.

We have included downloadable graphics below if you would like to join us in raising awareness. On desktop, please save the graphic to your computer. On mobile phones or tablets, please select the graphic and save it to your library.

Lisa Ling Quote

Queens Chronicle - 1

Representative Grace Meng - 1

Pew Research Center - 1

Queens Chronicle - 2

Representative Grace Meng - 2

Pew Research Center - 2

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