Gift Guide: For the Leo

Leo Constellation Prosperity Candle | The Little Market

Leo season is upon us! Represented by the Lion, the Sun, and the fire sign, it is no surprise that Leos are strong, unique individuals. Help your Leo friends feel extra special by giving them the perfect gift this year! Keep reading for gifting inspiration. 


vivacious, passionate, leader, creative, strong, and optimistic 


bright bold colors like red, orange, and hot pink




Citrus + Fruity


Hot Pink Pom Pom Beach Tote Bag | The Little Market    Mauve Layered Tassel Earrings | The Little MarketThe Little Market has the perfect accessories for anyone who loves to shine bright! Leos will be sure to stand out in the crowd in these beautifully handcrafted tassel earrings or a hand-woven pom pom beach tote.


Pom Pom Rainbow Garlands | The Little Market    Pom Pom Bah Charms | The Little MarketThe love for pom poms never ends! Help them decorate their home with some lovely pom pom garlands or add a unique touch to all of their bags with a pom pom bag charm


Leo Constellation Prosperity Candle | The Little MarketLeo Astrology Prosperity Candle | The Little MarketShow a Leo your love with one of The Little Market’s Constellation Candles or Astrology Candles! Each is available in more than 50 scents. (The birthday cake scent has sprinkles!)


One Of A Kind Kath Quilt | The Little Market    Palmdale Mexican Serape Blanket | The Little MarketEven though Leos are represented by the fire sign, it doesn’t mean they don’t get cold! Give a one-of-a-kind (just like a Leo) kantha quilt. Or surprise them with a colorful Mexican serape blanket


Small, Medium, And Large Let's Party Purposefull Gift Totes | The Little Market    Small, Medium, And Large Party Animal Gift Totes | The Little MarketLet this party animal (Lion) know your gift is special by finishing it off with a birthday gift tote

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