How to: Elevate Your Everyday Look

Black Versatile Leather Bag | The Little Market

At The Little Market, we love sharing everyday accessories that are beautiful and versatile, can be worn no matter the season, and can take you from day in, to night out. We are so excited to share the newest additions to our artisan-made collection from Haiti

Not only do the following pieces look great with one another, but they also complement your everyday look, combining timeless colors with durable leather and canvas. 


Black Versatile Leather Bag | The Little Market

Not only can this leather bag be worn with almost any outfit, but you also can wear it more than one way. The convenient belt strap allows it to fit comfortably around your waist or draped over your shoulder. 


Large Circle Canvas Bag | The Little Market    Dove Circle Leather Pouch | The Little Market

This circular design is like no other! Add in some geometric diversity to your style with a large canvas circle bag or a small leather circle pouch, available in dove and light blush.


Traveler, Blue Stripes, andNatural Canvas Pouches | The Little Market

Classic meets modern with this canvas-and-leather combo. Throw a traveler, blue stripes, or natural canvas pouch in your bag or carry it by itself. It can hold everything from daily essentials, makeup, toiletries when you’re on-the-go, a cell phone, and beyond. 


Glass Beaded Leather Black And Tan Tassels | The Little Market

Add a unique touch to any bag with one of these black and tan beaded leather tassels. They can even be added to one of our baskets, beach totes, or PURPOSEfull TOTES!

Tell us in the comments below how you accessorize with The Little Market, or show us by tagging us, @thelittlemarket, on Instagram.

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