Meet the Makers: ShemeshFarms

Photo Courtesy of ShemeshFarms

We would like to welcome ShemeshFarms as a new member of The Little Market family!


ShemeshFarms Farm Fellows

Photo Courtesy of ShemeshFarms

Based in Malibu, California, ShemeshFarms supports dignified skill development opportunities for farm fellows living with diverse abilities. Often for young adults with diverse abilities, they age out of the education system and may face isolation and obstacles in securing a sustainable job. The producers now work in a supportive, inclusive environment with college students, interns, and volunteers. They participate in various work modules, from the planting and curating of herbs to the managing of marketing and operations. Every farm fellow has the opportunity to learn on the job — learning from one another and experts in the field. They also have access to healthy breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation, and health and hygiene programs. 


Spice Blends

Make room in your kitchen cabinet for four new spice blends all hand-picked with fresh ingredients. Each of these spice blends is unique and made with the planet in mind. ShemeshFarms follows an eco-conscious process to curate these blends including using hydroponic vertical garden towers and composting.

These perfectly blended spices go well with your choice of meats, poultry fish, and vegetables. When storing, place the spices in a cool, dry place. For the best results, use within 24 months from opening.

Photo Courtesy of ShemeshFarms

How it’s Made

The spice blends are handcrafted on-site at ShemeshFarms in Malibu, Calif. The team helps plant, grow, maintain, harvest, process, clean, sort, dry, and crush the herbs, followed by curating each blend in the kitchen. The herbs are planted in sync with seasonality, and the process is eco-conscious. ShemeshFarms implements organic materials, has created a compost program in which mulch and soil are used within the farm and garden, and practices biodynamic gardening and farming.

Photo Courtesy of ShemeshFarms

The social enterprise has both a soil garden, which is a more traditional method of farming, and environmentally friendly hydroponic vertical garden towers, which are efficient in terms of both water and space needs. No herbicides or pesticides are used within the process. The team can take great pride in its work while creating unique, high-quality spices that are flavorful and delicious.  

To shop our collection of spice blends, please visit our site.  

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