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At The Little Market, our mission is dedicated to supporting dignified income opportunities for individuals in underserved communities all over the world. A core part of our mission is to raise awareness for human rights and social justice issues. Here on Cultural Exchange, we share avenues in which our readers can use their voices and actions to help others. 

World Refugee Day, recognized annually on June 20, is a time in which we acknowledge the contributions of refugees, recognize their resilience, and express support for those who have resettled after being forced to flee from their home countries. Individuals all over the world recognize World Refugee Day and have been commemorating this day since it was officially recognized starting in 2001. 

According to the United Nations, every minute 20 people are forced out of their homes due to war, persecution, or terror. 

Last June, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reported at least 70.8 million people were forcibly displaced around the world. Displacement of people continues to increase. In 2019, there was an increase of at least 8.7 million people who were forcibly displaced, growing the number to 79.5 million people.  

World Refugee Day - 2020 Facts and Figures

How can we all support and welcome refugees? Help to raise awareness by hosting a virtual event or collaborating with your social media community to spread support. Volunteer with resettlement offices and find opportunities to connect with refugees. Stay informed of the latest news and developments. Safely donate goods, from household essentials to school supplies. Each of us can do our part to empower refugees and make a difference. 

The Little Market is proud to recognize World Refugee Day and support meaningful income opportunities for displaced, refugee, and resettled women and Tanzanian hosts of refugees. We have developed partnerships with artisan groups and social enterprises supporting refugees and those who have resettled in search of safety. 

Join us in recognizing this year’s theme: Every Action Counts. Now more than ever, it is important to use the power of our voices and actions to create an inclusive, equal world. Thank you for making a difference and advocating for human rights. 

This is About Humanity 

This is About Humanity x The little Market

Shop our This is About Humanity collection. In July 2018, we joined forces with This is About Humanity, a community dedicated to raising awareness about separated and reunified families and children at the U.S.-Mexico border. The This is About Humanity Fund at the International Community Foundation helps support individuals on either side of the border with essentials for living, access to legal services, mental wellness checkups, construction projects at shelters, and critical needs for unaccompanied minors.

Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle Artisans {John Polak Photography for Prosperity Candle}Photo by John Polak Photography for Prosperity Candle

In Western Massachusetts, Prosperity Candle employs a team of inspiring women who hand-pour candles in small batches. These women were forced to flee from their homes at a young age. Most of them lived in refugee camps for many years and had the opportunity to resettle in the United States for new opportunities for themselves and their families.


WomenCraft_New Burundian Artisans CelebratingPhoto Courtesy of WomenCraft

In Tanzania, WomenCraft supports refugees, displaced women who have returned to their home countries, and Tanzanian artisans, many of whom host refugees.

GAIA Empowered Women

GAIA Empowered Women - Yoni Goldberg for The Little Market
Photo by Yoni Goldberg for The Little Market

In Dallas, Texas, GAIA Empowered Women has supported women who have resettled in the United States after fleeing their home countries. 

Canaan Palestine

Canaan Palestine Imagery
Photo Courtesy of Canaan Palestine

In Palestine, Canaan Palestine empowers artisans and farmworkers, many of whom are refugees and have lived in regions of conflict.

Soup for Syria Cookbook


Our Soup for Syria Cookbook supports food relief efforts through the UNHCR. It features recipes from nearly 80 famous chefs from around the world.

To learn more and support displaced, resettled, and refugee women, visit our site and our Palisades store. To hear artisan stories, read their interviews here

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This article was originally published on June 19, 2019 and updated on June 19, 2020.

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