Summer Style: Entertaining Tips

Banana Bark And Coconut Fiber Placemats With Chabi Chic White Ceramic Plates | The Little Market

Entertain your guests in style this summer! Set the table for your summer parties with unique pieces that are sure to impress. 


Gray Tassel Tabel Runner | The Little Market

This summer, tassels are in! We’re setting our table with these tassel table runners, handmade in El Salvador. The best part is they’re available with gray, brown, and copper tassels. 


Banana Bark And Coconut Fiber Placemat | The Little Market

Keep your tabletops clean, but also stylish. These placemats are hand-woven using banana bark, making them durable and unique.


Chabi Chic White Ceramic Plates | The Little Market

Serve your dinner on these beautifully detailed ceramic plates. Each is handmade and adds the perfect touch to your dinner table during summer — and all year long.


Gingham Black And White Napkin | The Little Market

Add a touch of color and design to your settings with a hand-woven napkin.


Rose Ann Hall Clear Tall Etched Leave Glass | The Little Market

Serve up all your favorite drinks in our collection of handmade recycled glassware from Mexico. Play around with our favorite shades of clear, aqua, and french blue. 

For more ideas on how to style your table, shop the Summer Place Setting Collection for these five essentials here.

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