Top 8 Summer Essentials

Summer is for longer days and warmer weather! We’ve gathered some of our favorite items that will help you enjoy these next couple of months. Take a peek below for inspiration. 

1. GLASS PITCHER – Keep cool with delicious drinks! Serve your family and guests in one of these beautifully handcrafted, eco-conscious pitchers made from recycled glass. Seven different pitchers are currently available in different colors and sizes. Find your favorite before summer starts.

2. COOKBOOK – Barbecues are the best part of summer! Show off a new recipe this year with the help of one of our favorite cookbooks.

3. OVERNIGHT BAG – Got travel plans? No problem! We have unique and colorful woven overnight bags for you. Choose your favorite from seven different colors. Matching luggage tags are also available.

4. BEACH TOTE – Don’t forget to pack all your beach necessities! Browse through our beach tote collections to find the perfect bag. Choose your favorite out of 25 available totes! The best part about these totes is that they pair perfectly with any outfit and they are hand-woven by artisans earning fair wages.

5. PURPOSEfull TOTES – You don’t ever have to worry about your personal items getting wet in one of our PURPOSEfull TOTES! Each tote has a water-resistant lining and is reusable. Perfect for the beach or as your everyday shopping bag!

6. MEXICAN SERAPE BLANKET – Be prepared for those chilly summer nights! These warm, colorful, and versatile Mexican serape blankets are available in more than 20 different patterns.

7. BEACH TOWEL – Keep dry this summer with a soft cotton beach towel! These versatile beach towels are quick to dry and can also be used as a sarong wrap, picnic blanket, or tablecloth. Choose your favorite from more than 20 different towels.

8. HAMMOCK – Don’t forget to relax in between your long list of activities! Take a nap in one of our handmade hammocks from El Salvador. Available in four different colors.

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