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The Little Market is a nonprofit fair trade shop that strives to preserve culture while supporting artisans and their communities. Back in 2013, we worked with eight artisan groups in five countries. Today, The Little Market proudly works with 69 artisan groups in 28 different countries. We have come a long way since the start of The Little Market. Travel back in time with us as we reminisce on our early days with some of our favorite Instagram posts!


Getting Inspired: 2012

Lauren and Hannah were inspired to start The Little Market after a trip to Africa in 2012. They worked so well as travel partners and were excited to start a new adventure as business partners! (And they got to see this guy!)


Our Very First Instagram Post: March 24, 2013

Inspired by all of the adventures to come, stories to be told, and products to be made, The Little Market’s very first Instagram post was a photo of the team’s passports.


Our First Official Trip for The Little Market: April 2013

Our first trip to meet artisans and source products for The Little Market was to India and Nepal. Today, we work with 12 artisan groups in both countries!


The Little Market 2013 Launch Party: October 24, 2013

After months of travel, research, and hard work, we celebrated our official launch on this today exactly five years ago!


Meeting with Artisans in Guatemala: March 2014

Lauren and Hannah’s trip to Guatemala in 2014 showed us the time and talent that goes into weaving fabrics by hand. We love the vibrant colors and intricate patterns in each textile and were inspired to create pillows, bags, coasters and more! (Oh and making tortillas was pretty fun too.) 


Product photoshoots: 2014

Once we receive products from artisans, it is always so fun to style them for photoshoots! Our hand-etched glassware from Mexico was one of our first products and is still one of our best-sellers at The Little Market.  We love showcasing beautiful handmade pieces on our website and on our social media, but we love seeing you enjoying them even more! Share your photos with us on Instagram by tagging us @thelittlemarket.


Thanks for supporting us over the past five years. Here’s to many more!

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